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Exclamation k-line arduino project, speed and brake lights


I have a simple task to achieve, I guess, but I'm stuck. I'm using the setup from the attached image. All I need to do is to read the Speed of the vehicle using data from the obd2 k-line pin, and then to send a command to blink the brake lights when a certain decrease in speed is detected (e.g. more than 2km/h/s). I can not initialize the k-line and I am not able to red anything on the serial monitor on arduino . After I manage to read the raw data I am planing to figure out what's the code for turning on the brake lights by just simply pressing the brake pedal. The vehicle is an 2004 BMW E60, but I guess this is not an issue.

Question... Are the TX/RX pins connected as it shod on the arduino board?

Thank you. Ant help would be appreciated. I need this for a school project and a have a deadline (
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arduino, brake, code, k-line, speed

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